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Health - Focused Dental Care

Talk to us about your dental needs!

Philosophy of Care

Alderlea Dental is proud to offer comprehensive dental care services in Duncan. Our mission is to provide dental services that meet your individual needs. Our doctors Dr. Jolene Benham and Dr. Dale Benham, along with the entire team are committed to providing a great dental experience in a comfortable and technologically-advanced environment. No matter your dental needs, we aim to listen to your concerns and provide a personalized treatment plan. We look forward to helping you with your dental issues. Please feel free to call us for an appointment.

Health-focused Dental Care

At our practice, our number one priority is our patient’s overall dental health. As a result, we won’t recommend any unnecessary treatments that aren’t integral to your dental health. Our focus primarily lies in preventive and restorative dental care for a fully-functioning set of teeth. We will draft out your treatment plan and recommend the dentistry procedures needed to be a step closer to a healthy smile. Although we are primarily health-focused, we do offer cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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