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Why Choose Us?

We use some of the latest dental technology

Experience & Technology

When you are in need of dental care services in Duncan and Cowichan Valley, visit the dental team at Alderlea Dental. Our team is passionate about dental care and strives to offer the best care possible using the latest equipment and technology.  Read through to learn more about some of the technology we use in our clinic. Call us to book a consultation.

Digital Scanning

Digital scanning is a quick and easy process that gives a detailed representation of your mouth while limiting discomfort often experienced through traditional impression techniques.

Digital Radiography/Digital X-ray

Digital radiographs or x-rays are used to  identify your issues thoroughly by providing an improved image quality while minimizing radiation. It is also considered as a better diagnostic tool for analyzing the health of your teeth, mouth, and bones. Listed below are the advantages of using this method. Take a look:

  • Reduced radiation

  • Accurate and improved image quality

  • Digital storage enables accurate progress tracking

  • Environmentally friendly

Digital Panoramic

Panoramic X-rays are used to determine a suitable treatment plan  and screening of your entire mouth and TMJ

Laser Gingival Recontouring

We use a laser for gingival recontouring, cancer sore treatments and many other applications. As a laser doesn't directly involve cutting, discomfort, swelling, or bleeding is minimized.


Early detection of oral cancer can make a difference  in prognosis of the disease. If you tend to notice white or dark red patches in parts of your mouth, lumps or other changes in texture, or numbnesse, please let us know.  A velscope is a device that is used to screen oral cancer. This screening is easily administered, rapid, safe, and painless. A fluorescence visualisation technology is used to identify abnormal tissue including cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions, which might not be detected by the naked eye.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral camera is a tool which is used by your dentist to examine your mouth in a detailed manner. This instrument looks like an oversized pen. It has a camera attached that takes high-resolution images and footage along with showing the visuals in real-time on a monitor. Using this system makes the entire process of dental examination easy and accurate. This technology can also help if you need proof that you require treatment for your insurance. 

Surgically Clean Air Filtration System

The air inside any property can get stale. It is because most buildings can contain airborne toxins, moulds and germs that can cause illness and infections, in addition to holding the heat during the winter and AC during the summer.


While clean air is important in any workplace, it's essential in dentistry. Our patients come from all walks of life and spend a significant amount of time sitting with their mouths wide open. At Alderlea Dental Health Centre, we get six units surgically clean air to protect our patients from such infections and health risks. We want every patient of ours to walk in our dental office with absolute peace of mind because the air meets even the most rigorous of patient health and infection control standards.

An Elevated Standard of Air Filtration

When it comes to our patients' health, our team doesn’t take chances. We know that the extra investment to get the best equipment in the market is worth it, and our Surgically Clean Air system is the best bet at this.


Usually, standard air systems have simple filters that can collect a lot of the debris, but their filters are too simple to catch the airborne dangers. These systems often don't have enough power to properly circulate clean air throughout the entire office, sometimes just creating a pocket of clean air in an otherwise contaminated space.


The Surgically Clean Air system is a surgical-grade indoor air cleaning system and is equipped with a 6-stage filtration process. This 6-stage filtration process is designed to grab all harmful particles, big and small and packs enough power to constantly scrub every inch of the office.

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